Our menu is inspired by the incredibly diverse flavours of Malaysia. The eclectic mix of cultures - particularly Indian, Chinese and Thai, as well as indigenous Malaysians - makes Malaysia home to some of the most incredible food on the planet!

Taking inspiration from Malaysia’s famous street markets, PENANG! excites your taste buds, serving up big, fresh flavours served in a modern and vibrant setting.

Designed to be shared, the menu is filled with small plates of moorish dishes - some you will already know and love, others new and intriguing. We also offer a selection of Big Bowl dishes to satisfy the hungriest of appetites. At PENANG! we aim to keep things as fresh-tasting as possible, so many of our dishes are grilled or steamed and we offer a range of light, zingy Asian salads. There really is something in our menu for everyone.

And of course we are big fans of little people so PENANG! kids get their own menus with smaller portions that are light on spice.

Come eat at PENANG! and discover your new favourite food.

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